Wanderlust – The Most Overrated Social Media Trend!

Wanderlust – The Most Overrated Social Media Trend!

To Travel Is To Blah Blah Blah!

Trust me, I am not being a rebel when I say, “the hype created around travelling has become a tad bit overwhelming”. Every person we meet loves to explore the world, every resume we read labels travelling as the favourite hobby – #Wanderlust has ignited a race, a race to be labelled as a ‘frequent traveller’.

“Travel is a race so competitive that we are overdoing it. To the extent that it will soon lose its charm.”

The boom in the travel industry is instilling a desire to explore the world in every person. The push of being a wanderlust is so hard that solo travel advice, bucket list, leave your job and travel the world have become common conversation topics. Not to mention, there is a brief demarcation between tourists and travellers.


While tourists are those, who hop on in a sightseeing bus to explore the attractions and usually have a properly planned vacation, travellers, on the other hand, visit the same attractions (through a rented bike or any other mode) and usually claim of not having a plan. Is it wrong to think about saving time and being safe in a foreign land? Think about it!

Now let’s go back to the time when travelling was an annual event and mostly meant spending time with the family while exploring popular sights and museums of different cities. It was so much fun, right? But the definition today has changed. We millennials like to travel solo, explore the unexplored, live out of a backpack, stay in tents and most importantly ‘not have a plan’. Why? Because everyone is doing the same! We want to do what others are doing. We want to wear similar clothes, visit the same places, have similar experiences and get clicked in the same fashion to prove the travel bug has bitten us as hard as everyone else. To be precise, it has become more of social pressure than a source of inner fulfilment and knowing the world.

How Social Media Dominates Travelers

Social media and smartphones have disrupted a host of industries, and travel is no exception. Social sites and mobile tech have changed the way people prepare for, participate in, and engage – post a trip. From finding vacation inspiration through social media to planning, booking and building excitement, millennials are doing it all.

How Social Media Creates Unrealistic Travel Experiences

Let’s be honest, today travelling is mostly about clicking pictures, making them go through tons of filters and posting them on social media with a quote that exemplifies the big deal with travelling. The time today is all about pictures – pictures that are gaze-worthy, attract likes, garner attention and what not.

According to a study, Social Media Deception is a real thing, and 36% of millennials post only those pictures that make the vacation look better than it actually is or was. The deception is not just limited to visuals, social media updates (check-ins) and blog posts are other tactics used to paint a less than an honest picture of the experience.

Modern day influencers add extra sugar to the already hyped pseudo-celebrity culture. They keep bombarding their Instagram and Twitter handles with overly photoshopped travel pictures. #vacaygoals plays an important role in making their followers feel bad about their 9-5 job. The followers often end up questioning their lifestyle – why can’t I travel like blah blah all the time? What should I do to travel throughout the year without going broke? Once such questions pop, job satisfaction takes a back seat.

Why a Constant Documentation of Travel Has Become Common on Social Media?

Well, it’s not just the millennials who do it, this trend has been in force from the time when there were no social media. A display of carefully selected vacation pictures on the living room walls was a common sight. Only the best pictures made it to the walls while others were relegated to the photo albums.

Life on social media is much similar, people want ‘Instagramable’ pictures, they want to be a step ahead in proving they are living their best lives. This constant documentation of travel on social media is mostly to make others either envious or to compete with them.

It is next to impossible to scroll through feeds on Instagram and Facebook without seeing a handful of #vacaygoals pictures of a friend or an acquaintance. Making social media feeds pretty for the world has become a tactic to gain social validation. You are not living if you are not travelling and showing it to the world. In a nutshell, the pressure build by social media platforms in the form of stories, check-ins and updates are such that no one wants to deal with FOMO (fear of missing out).


  1. Today’s travel is all about capturing photos so that one can post them on social media. No one bothers about capturing the moments as lifetime memory

  2. Wonderfully put. I see so many people only getting clicked so that they can post on social media. In between all this, they somehow forget to soak in the beauty and the culture of the place they are visiting.

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