Trust This Tuk Tuk Driver for Your Next Trip to Angkor Wat Temple

Trust This Tuk Tuk Driver for Your Next Trip to Angkor Wat Temple

Politeness is the flower of humanity – Joseph Joubert

Like every year, this time I choose Cambodia to celebrate my birthday. While looking for a Tuk Tuk at Pub Street (Siem Reap), I met this fantastic human being – Hor Lohn. On my way back to the hotel, I started talking to him and hired him to take me around the city and Angkor Wat the next day.

angkor wat temple

Hor Lohn is an English teacher/tuk-tuk driver and serves as a tour guide to make his ends meet. He has in-depth knowledge of Cambodia’s history, the rise and fall of kingdoms and regimes, and not to forget; the information of the best eateries/pubs in and around Siem Reap. The fact that he is perhaps the most honest/economic tuk-tuk driver in the city is the cherry on the icing. His humbleness/politeness is just another add-on. The endless conversations we had when he took me around the entire Angkor Wat complex and the city of Siem Reap, were captivating and intriguing.

While other tuk-tuk drivers are flourishing, Hor, on the other side, is struggling hard due to his lack of knowledge about the internet and technology. While touring the city, Hor told me that he can really make good money if he has a website and was saving every day to make one.

He also told me that some French guy took $300 from him to make his website but never came back. There was sadness in his eyes, but he was full of enthusiasm for collecting money and making his website dream happen.

He clearly did not know that a Facebook page will work fine for him and there is no need to have a website. After my tour ended, I sat with him to explain to him what he actually needed. He was happy to know that Facebook is for free and it would take minutes to build his page.

I was departing for the capital the next day and had some time in hand, so I decided to look for a cyber cafe to establish his online presence. All he needed was Facebook and WhatsApp to be able to reach his potential customers. Once his Facebook profile was set, the child-like happiness on his face was all I needed as a birthday gift. He has a small notebook in which he took down all that was required for a beginner to understand these platforms.

Next, I took him to Burger King as a treat for establishing his online presence and celebrating my birthday.


So, if anyone of you is planning a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. He is the guy to get around with. Infused with great knowledge and charm, Hor Lohn will undoubtedly double your experience. Below are his contact details and the link to this Facebook page.

Name: Hor Lohn

Phone Number: +855 87316167

Facebook Page:

P.S – He doesn’t have WhatsApp, so be sure of contacting him well in advance from your home country. Lohn is a punctual guy and knows how to keep his customers happy.

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