PUBG Fan? Cambodia Ought to Be Your Dream Destination

PUBG Fan? Cambodia Ought to Be Your Dream Destination

Reload. Aim. Shoot Again!

Are you a fan of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – online multiplayer battle royale game)? If yes, then Cambodia should be your dream destination. Apart from what we already know of Cambodia – the grand mountains, the picturesque beaches, the archaically magnificent Angkor Wat; there’s more that Cambodia has to offer. I bet you didn’t know that Cambodia shooting ranges are legal and there you can fire any gun; from AK-47s to M-16s to MMGs to Rocket Launchers. And NO! This is not a joke.

You can find shooting ranges in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, which are managed by the Cambodian Army, and they legally allow you to choose from a wide range of guns in their arsenal. You can fire these guns in an indoor or an outdoor facility and also pick targets: a paper target, a husk target, a petrol/fuel tank, a gas cylinder or a complete thatched hut. Whatever catches your fancy!

It is an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience, which most of us might not be able to do in our home countries. On top of that, the guns are well-maintained and are in more or less mint condition. The staff is extremely considerate, well behaved and focuses on ensuring that you have a great time.

Below are the price list and contact details, along with a few videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!

Contact Details

Pho Hout (English) +85589797079 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

International Calling @ +85578777908

WeChat ID – pho078777908

iMessage and FaceTime – +85569797079

Website – and

DB 7.62 (Firing Range – Siem Reap)

AK 47 (Firing Range – Phnom Penh)

Video Courtesy – YouTube


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