Not Going Anywhere? Try These Alternatives This Long Weekend

Not Going Anywhere? Try These Alternatives This Long Weekend

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Travelling to some offbeat destination is an ideal long weekend plan and to be honest, it has become more of a trend. And if you are not following the trend, people judge you on social media and sometimes even label you as boring. On the other hand, the tsunami of travel pictures with #longweekendtravelgoals and similar hashtags at times become too much to bear. Travel surely tops the list of things to do on a long weekend; however, there are lot many things that can be done apart from going somewhere.

To be honest, all of the famous travel spots are packed with people, and it becomes annoying to even step inside the airport, railway station and bus stand. The crowd becomes too much to handle. However, because there is an extra day of play, you must do something to make the most of it. So, here are a few things to do on a long weekend for free while chilling out at home.

Host a Game Night for Friends

If you have a big crew of friends, the idea of hosting a game night will surely be a successful one. Whether you plan to play interactive games like charades or any of the board games, the choice is yours.

Do Something Creative & Out-Of-The-Box

Think about that time when you wanted to convert that denim into a bag or take up a DIY project that works well with your forgetful nature. The long weekend is just the perfect time to bring out the creative genius within you.

Plan a Pajama Party with Your Girls

Pajama parties are always fun. Invite all your girlfriends to have a blast and catch up on everything that is going on in your lives. To save energy and money, you can make it a potluck and ask all your girlfriends to contribute their favourite dish.

Go for a City Tour

Well, you must have toured many cities; but, have you ever hopped on that HoHo bus in your city and made a visit to all the local sights? Trust me; this is the best way to rediscover your town. Take advise of this jobless blogger and book a seat for yourself already!

Pick a Book

Get your hands on all the newest of books and spend everyday living a new character’s life. Seriously; there is no better way to spend a long weekend other than reading books. Also, if you are a bibliophile, you can alter the décor of your house, and these décor ideas will surely help you.

Host a Movie Marathon

This one is my personal favourite. Hosting a movie marathon is fun, and with Netflix and Amazon Prime by your side, you will never run out of options. To be honest, out of all the things to do on a long weekend, a movie marathon is what I will be hosting.

These options sound just perfect, don’t they?

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