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Product Review | Tomato & Green Chilli Powder | Kitchen D’lite

Product Review | Tomato & Green Chilli Powder | Kitchen D’lite

Makes Cooking Easier!

Indian food projects a wonderful combination of invigorating aromas, vibrant colours and bold yet perfectly balanced spices. For most of us, Indian food is love at first bite. It’s the plenty of ingredients that make it so novel. With so many ingredients, the cooking time is bound to increase. However, at times when we have unexpected guests over or a bit tired after a hectic day at work, the only wish is to shorten the cooking time.

What if this jobless blogger tells you that people from Kitchen D’lite have made cooking easier through their 100% natural products? Well, yes! Kitchen D’lite has a wide range of cooking powders including garlic, ginger, red onion, tomato and green chilli powder that make cooking a breeze.

So, here is a review of Tomato & Green Chilli Powder from Kitchen D’lite. Together we will help make cooking easier for you.


The zip pouch packaging of tomato and green chilli powder from Kitchen D’lite makes it easy to use and put them back sealed.

  • Tomato powder is ground form of dehydrated tomatoes and serves as an excellent replacement of fresh tomatoes
  • Green Chilli Powder is ground form of dehydrated green chillies, and a single tablespoon can easily substitute eight green chillies

Price & Where to Buy

Green Chilli Powder – ₹210

Tomato Powder – ₹230

Kitchen D’lite Website

Amazon –

Flipkart –

You can avail attractive discounts on all the three platforms of purchase.

Major Highlights of Tomato & Green Chilli Powder

  • 100% natural and pure
  • No preservatives and gluten free
  • Ready to use
  • Smooth texture & invigorating aroma
  • Made from finest quality dehydrated green chillies and tomatoes
  • Certified by FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
  • Both tomato and green chilli powder have a shelf life of 12 months from the manufacturing date

How to Use?

Tomato & Green Chilli Powder are just perfect to enhance the taste of your salads, pasta, roasted vegetables, eggs, juices, smoothies, and even sauces. If you bake at home, you can give your bread and biscuits a tasty twist by adding these powders to the recipe. What’s more? You can even use these powders as tastemakers when preparing soups, sauces, dips and tea.

Final Verdict

Kitchen D’lite Tomato & Green Chilli Powder will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. All you need to do is to store these powders in a cool & dry place. Avoid using a wet spoon when scooping out the powder from the packet. So, try these powders and who knows it may be a new addition to your taste buds!

  1. I tried the Tomato powder. It is amazing. Thank You so much for this review, you have no idea how simple you have made my life.

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