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Product Review | Soft & Rash-Free Sanitary Pads | Nua

Product Review | Soft & Rash-Free Sanitary Pads | Nua

Keep It Simple. Period.

As a woman, we always wish to have a comfortable, painless and rash-free period. However, the sanitary pads available in the market often end up leaving rashes on the skin. As if the period pain was not enough to make our life miserable, right?

From trying cotton sanitary pads to those claiming to be the best sanitary pads available, you must have experimented a lot. Found a solution? Well, The Jobless Blogger has!

So, here I present you Nua Sanitary Pads that offer the comfort of softness while making you feel dry and happy. These sanitary pads are designed keeping in mind the needs of Indian women and are designed by global product design experts.


One of the best things about Nua Sanitary Napkins is their thoughtful packaging. Each sanitary napkin comes in a cover that makes it easy to carry and dispose of after use. Each pack has 12 sanitary napkins that range from heavy, medium and low flow pads. You can choose your assortment according to your flow. Now that sounds thoughtful!

Texture & Fragrance

Nua sanitary pads feature a soft cottony top layer and have a multi-layered design. The cottony top keeps irritation at bay while the multi-layered design is for improved absorption. The best thing about these period pads is that the top layer isn’t printed or perfumed. Thus, the skin feels no irritation and doesn’t encounter harmful chemicals.

Price & Where to Buy

You can easily buy Nua sanitary pads online from the official website. You can choose your quantity, assortment and order just the way you want. Whether you want to buy a single pack, multiple packs or go for an annual subscription, the choice is entirely yours.

A pack of 12 napkins will cost you ₹199

Buy from here –

Major Highlights of Nua – Soft & Rash-Free Sanitary Pads

  • Wider back for maximum protection
  • Comes in three options – Heavy, Medium & Light
  • Perfume and a print-free top layer
  • Soft & rash-free
  • Thoughtful packaging (with resealable flap) for easy disposal
  • Travel-friendly
  • Manufactured in South Korea
  • Tested by accredited laboratories in both South Korea & India
  • One time and long-term subscription options
  • Free shipping on all orders

Final Verdict

Trust the global product design experts and give Nua Sanitary Pads a try during your next period. Buy these sanitary pads online today to uncomplicate that time of the month.

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