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Product Review | Biodegradable Ultrathin Sanitary Napkins | Pink Premium

Product Review | Biodegradable Ultrathin Sanitary Napkins | Pink Premium

Make a Responsible Choice

Do you know sanitary napkin waste is depleting our environment at an alarming rate? Yes, they are our sole saviours during that time of the month, but they leave behind a nasty environmental trail. India alone is responsible for nearly 150 kg of sanitary napkin non-biodegradable waste – equating to 433 million sanitary pads every month according to a study. Now that’s a huge number that is continually increasing.

What if The Jobless Blogger tells you that with the use of biodegradable sanitary napkins you can easily contribute to the environment while having a guilt-free period? Pink Premium sanitary pads leave little to no carbon footprint, are softer and don’t expose you to any threat as they are made from only natural materials.


Pink Premium sanitary pads come in an attractive cardboard box. Each sanitary pad comes in an envelope like cover that makes them travel-friendly and easy to dispose of. The flow during periods is different for each woman. Keeping that in mind, Pink Premium offers sanitary napkins of four different sizes in a single pack. Now that’s thoughtful, isn’t it? Pack of ten biodegradable sanitary pads has:

  • 3 XXL size: 320+ mm
  • 3 XL: 280+ mm
  • 2 Large: 240+ mm
  • 2 Small: 175+ mm

Each sanitary napkin comes with an individual disposal cover.

The best thing is their travel pack that has three pads of different sizes – 1 XXL size: 320+ mm, 1 XL: 280+ mm and 1 Large: 240+ mm.

Texture & Fragrance

Pink premium biodegradable sanitary pads offer seven layers of protection for extra absorption. The all-natural materials keep irritation at bay, and because these sanitary pads are not perfumed, your skin won’t encounter any harmful chemicals. Thus, keeping you safe. Last but not least, the soft upper prevents rashes.

Price & Where to Buy

You can easily buy Pink Premium sanitary pads online from their official website. Whether you want to go for the travel pack or pack of ten, the choice is yours.

  • A pack of ten worth INR 239
  • A pack of three worth INR 72

Buy from here –

Major Highlights of the Pink Premium Sanitary Pads

  • Thoughtful packaging with individual disposable covers
  • 100% biodegradable sanitary pads
  • No perfume, plastic or colour
  • Each sanitary napkin is made using natural materials like vegetable starch, plant cellulose, natural fibres and oils
  • Offers ultra-soft and rash-free long hour protection
  • The leakproof design and wide back offer maximum protection
  • Each sanitary pad has seven layers of protection
  • The disposal covers make Pink Premium sanitary pads easy to carry and dispose
  • Each sanitary napkin is hand made by the women and for the women

Mission and Vision

Being a women-oriented brand, Pink believes in empowering women. Each Pink Premium biodegradable sanitary pad is handcrafted by women with minimal machinery use. Women earn their livelihood by being involved in every stage – from manufacturing to packaging. People at Pink aim to keep women away from health conditions like skin rashes, ovarian and cervical cancer that are caused due to unhygienic menstrual habits like using and re-using cloth. They believe that easy access to skin friendly, biodegradable and pocket-friendly sanitary pads will solve most of the problems associated with menstrual hygiene.

Final Verdict

According to experts, opting for biodegradable sanitary pads will significantly reduce the burden on the environment. Pink Premium sanitary pads are ISO certified, handmade, biodegradable, chemical & plastic free. So, make a responsible choice by opting for Pink Premium sanitary pads.

  1. That’s such a great initiative by Pink Premium. We really need to start doing our bit to save the environment. Thanks for making me come across this.

  2. Super. I could only see celebrities like Diya Mirza endorsing such stuff. It’s so good to know that common people like me can now also buy biodegradable sanitary napkin at an affordable price.

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