What If the Days of the Week Were Humans?

What If the Days of the Week Were Humans?

Oh Friday, Let Me Hug You.

Like humans, every day of the week has a different personality and varying likability. Each day yields a new emotion that affects our actions and rules our lives. We humans, affect the lives of others in the same way, right? Having said that, have you ever thought what personality would a day have if it were human? Never? Let’s do this then.


Monday is that sleepy guy who thinks through the weekend about starting new goals. Provided the snob he is, he literally does the exact opposite of what he had imagined. No gym, no yoga…only a BIG cup of coffee to fight all the sleepiness that he wakes up with. So, all the Mondays out there, you are so not fetch, and you should definitely be optional.

What If Days of The Week Were Humans?


Tuesday is an introvert who is there doing things, but nobody notices him. People rub shoulders with him, pass through him and at the end think “was he even there”? Every week, Tuesday comes and goes without even getting noticed.

What If Days of The Week Were Humans?


Wednesday is that guy who likes taking things slowly. He is that stage in a relationship where you have no idea which way it is heading. However, you eagerly hope that it is taking you right where you want to be. Yes, we mean Friday. Wednesday keeps you so close yet far from your fun friend Friday.

What If Days of The Week Were Humans?


Not quite a BFF material, but Thursday is that acquaintance who is an almost friend. Sometimes, even your backup plan. Thursday tries to cheer you up with jokes that are not funny, works hard to be cool, but ultimately everyone sees through him. Because, he is THURSDAY, not FRIDAY!


Friday is a charmer, an avid partygoer and loved-by-all kind of guy. He wears a huge smile all day long and at the end gives everyone extended relaxation through his sweet talks on Saturdays and Sundays. Friday is the guy who has the potential to make anyone feel good. He likes celebrations, a few drinks with friends and amidst all this no one has the fathom to get up and leave him. Everybody loves him, EVERY.SINGLE. PERSON!


Saturday is that guy who knows how to have a great time with friends. He leaves all the worries home and has no care in the world. He loves his life, never cares about what other days think of him and dances the night away. Saturday is fun, Saturday is carefree, let’s all be like Saturday.

What If Days of The Week Were Humans?


Sunday is that guy who visits you with cream and onion chips for binge-watching a Netflix show. He doesn’t bath, forgets to pee and even takes a nap between episodes. This guy is too lazy even to get up and open the door for the delivery guy. Through and through, Sunday is a frenemy. Lazy like you want throughout the day but ultimately a ditcher. He slowly slips in Monday under your pillow and disappears like a genie.

What If Days of The Week Were Humans?


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