This Spring, Invest in These 5 Biggest Skin-Care Trends!

This Spring, Invest in These 5 Biggest Skin-Care Trends!

Be Good to Your Skin!

It’s true that a lot changes in skin care trends every year. However, unlike fashion, skincare trends don’t get a lot of eye and buzz from the lifestyle and beauty industry. With innovate brands born daily, consumers are being showered with products that help achieve ultimate skin goals. Here is some light on the biggest skin-care trends in which you must invest this spring.

Radiant Skin

In recent times, people have become so conscious about their looks that it has given a boost to the beauty Industry. Face makeup has seen a tremendous change from contouring, strobing to highlighting. People sometimes put so much makeup on their face that it loses its natural glow.

The best advice is to put minimal face makeup and allow your natural beauty to shine wherever you go.

Your Beauty Routine Becomes Even More Important

These days, people emphasise a lot on steps. So, let’s take you through the steps. The first step is to clean your skin using a cotton ball and some cleaning milk. Cleansing becomes important if your face is exposed to various pollutants such as fumes and bacteria.

Full Block Sunscreen

Ultra Violet Rays are responsible for ageing and reach deep into the skin – causing wrinkles and even skin cancer. The worst part is that 95% of the UV radiation we are exposed to is UVA. Nowadays, as more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of UVA rays, full block sunscreen, SPF 50 or SPF 80, are becoming more sought after.

Bespoke Skincare

There’s a swing in the beauty industry towards bespoke skin care. This means that products are tailor-made as per an individual’s requirement to tackle issues such as anti-aging and acne at their source. After all, everyone is different and what works for one person may not for another. This year, we might see a big increase in customisable beauty products with the Asian market driving the trend. It’s imperative to be careful while buying bespoke products because they’re custom made and are less likely to be tested and regulated.

Pollution-Fighting Products

We all love to live in big cities because it gives us the freedom to work, entertain and live our life at own terms. However, living in a big city has its own pros and cons like hair fall, skin disease and more. And, it’s not just the obvious car exhaust fumes that we have to look out for – there are many airborne pollutants that can damage, irritate, inflame skin, clog up pores and trigger ageing. Thus, different varieties of pollution-fighting skincare products are emerging in-order to protect your skin from smog, smoke, dust and other harmful pollutants.

Article authored by:-

Dr Sruthi Gondi, Founder and Managing Director at Science of Skin, Hyderabad.


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