This Prega News Ad Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons

This Prega News Ad Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons

Your Second Home

The world of advertising is magical. Advertisers around the world work round the clock to produce something that touches the heart of one and all. From the script to acting, direction and screenplay, advertisers seek perfection in everything. They aim to touch the right chords, strike the right emotions and many times help project societal issues in a new light.

When all the departments work in synergy, ads go beyond selling. Something similar is happening to the latest ad by Prega News. We all have domestic help(s), but how many of us think about their comfort and pain? This ad highlights the same issue through the most beautiful yet toughest phase of a woman’s life – pregnancy.

Our domestic help is that person who saves our time and helps keep the home organized and clean than it would have been otherwise. They do it all without even a single word of complaint. In short, our domestic help makes our home a better place. So, when the most crucial phase of her life is upon her, it’s our responsibility to make her feel home too. Featuring two beautiful ladies in the lead – Hima Singh & Sulagna Panigrahi, this Prega News ad strikes the right chord and urges everyone to give their domestic help the care they deserve during pregnancy.

This Prega News Ad is undoubtedly going to give you a rush of emotions.

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