Swear by These Habits and Say Goodbye to Period Stains

Swear by These Habits and Say Goodbye to Period Stains

Congratulations, you are not pregnant!

Whether you admit it or not, you have experienced this more than once in life. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about those days when you wake up and know that your favourite pair of undies, comfy lounge pants and sheets are ruined because of period stains. But wait, the next time, even before you realise that your favourite garment or bedding is probably a goner, these tips will let you save those precious pieces and surely won’t let you down. Your underwear drawer is the most interesting place in the world and missing out on a few favourites because of period stains can be heartbreaking.

These tips work like magic, and soiled clothes will be a thing of the past

 Vinegar – Whenever and Wherever

Period stains are super easy to remove when treated within 24 hours. However, if you do not wash them before they set within the fabric weave, it can become nearly impossible to remove them. Therefore, to keep the beauty and softness of your garments intact, it’s essential to treat the stains as soon as possible. White vinegar, when poured on the spot, works like magic. Leave your garment soaked in vinegar for approximately 10 minutes and then blot the affected area with a clean towel or cloth. Wash immediately and repeat if the stain still looks visible to you.

Good Ol’ Black Drink – Cola

Yes, you read it right. Apart from being your party buddy, cola has many other qualities and extraordinary uses like removing stains that make it a go-to item in the house. The acidic properties of cola fight well with stains and eliminate even the most difficult ones. So, the next time stain attacks your favourite pair, soak it overnight in cola for excellent results.

Bleach as Backup

If vinegar and cola don’t work, you can efficiently use bleach as a backup for your whites. A solution made using six parts of water, and one-part bleach is enough to remove even the hardest stains. However, do not even think of treating your coloured garments with bleach as it can take colour out of clothes. While battling mood swings and cramps, the sorrow of your precious fabrics losing colour can be extremely overwhelming, so bleach wisely.

Talcum Powder to Rescue

Another simple way to remove fresh bloodstains from bedding or clothes is by applying a paste of water and talcum powder to the affected area. Let the paste dry and brush it off using a clean and soft-bristled toothbrush. Repeat if required and substitute talcum powder with corn-starch if you want. Put all garments in the wash as soon as you scrap the paste off your fabrics.

Coverage Is Important

Washing sheets, comforters and undies every day at that time of the month can be both bothersome and exhausting. Sanitary pad or a tampon, whatever your preferred choice is, make sure it gives you maximum protection against leaks. Wearing a pad/tampon that has long-lasting absorbency is the right choice. On heavy flow days, the pad/tampon should frequently be changed to avoid stains. Having said that, period flow varies from individual to individual, so change your pad/tampon according to your flow to keep stains at bay.

Period stains can be tough to tackle, especially on thick fabrics like denim. But, you shouldn’t lose hope if the stains don’t come out in the first attempt. Alternatively, consider using overnight sanitary napkins (with a broader hip guard) or tampons that offer maximum protection against heavy flow while preventing stains. There is a wide range of sanitary pads and tampons that let you feel fresh and confident for longer hours with no worry about smell and stains.

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