How to Beat Monday Blues Like a Boss!

How to Beat Monday Blues Like a Boss!

Woohoo! It’s Monday, said no one ever!

Do Sunday evenings trigger overwhelming feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety? Does the mere thought that the weekend is over gives you jitters? Do you have a hard time getting out of the bed on a Monday morning? Do you always have to drag your soul to work?

If you are nodding a yes to all these questions, the chances of you suffering from Monday Blues are quite high.

So, here we are to help you relax and fight with those emotions like a boss. We have curated a list of 10 super science-backed techniques that not only fight Monday blues but also make you a happy person altogether. Okay, Monday let’s do this!

Start Your Day with Upbeat Music

Make it a part of your Monday morning ritual. Turn on some upbeat music while choosing what to wear and getting ready. Music has the capability to leave a positive impact on the brain by changing its chemistry. So, when you start your Monday morning with songs that make you feel like shaking a leg or two, the rest of the day automatically becomes happy. So, turn the music on and dance, dance.

Eat Your Favorite Breakfast

Imagine having your favourite pancakes or maybe waffles on a Monday morning. Feels like heaven, right? Yes, breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day and eating a delicious one on a Monday morning will automatically lift up your spirits. So, next Monday be sure of eating something that you love and keep away from that boring milk and cornflakes combination.

Dress to Perfection

Have you ever noticed how your attire for the day decides your mood? You are on top of your spirits when dressed in your favourite clothes and all dull and gloomy when you don’t like what you are wearing. So, don’t let your fashion game slide on a Monday morning and put on your favourite clothes to feel like a game changer. Remember, when you look great, you automatically feel confident and ready to conquer every challenge.

Don’t Forget to Wear That Killer Smile

Smile while taking a steaming shower, flash a grin to the coffee guy at the shop and show those pearly beauties to all your colleagues as you enter the office. Smiling will help you feel a lot better, and we are sure you will have a Monday like no other. So, don’t forget to wear that killer smile when leaving for work on a Monday morning.

Take it Easy

If you are your own boss, try and schedule something light for Monday. If not, don’t just dive into work immediately. Give yourself a little time, talk to people, sip a cup of coffee and start the work you have been assigned. This approach will not only help you be upbeat but also those around you.

Grow Some Green

A plant on your workstation will bring much-needed life to an otherwise dull day. Research from Washington State University quotes that people who work in the presence of plants complain less about feeling stressed and even normal blood pressure levels when compared to those who don’t have any greens around. So, this Saturday, do some plant shopping for your workstation.

Plan a Post-Work Activity

When there is something good to look forward to, the day automatically becomes interesting. Make Monday a special day by planning an outing with friends, catching up your favourite TV show (while munching popcorn), or cooking your favourite dinner. The deal is to not make it a day all about waking up and going to the office.

For those looking to make their Monday’s not-so-boring, these tips will surely come handy. The best part is that these are not hard to incorporate. Have a happy Monday!

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