Girls! It’s Time to Go with the Flow

Girls! It’s Time to Go with the Flow

Don’t Talk to Me, I am On My Period!

Do you ever feel the need of using an easy and comfortable option on the last day of your period? Or realize that perhaps your regular sanitary pads are not strong enough to bear the leaking-faucet kind of a second day? Well, it’s time to wake up, because you’ve probably been living in the dark if you are oblivious to the existence of various menstruation supplies. The following I have given four types of menstrual products which you can pick as per your monthly flow.

Sanitary Pads Have a New Name –  Panty Liners

The thinnest form of period protection, a panty-liner is your saviour when your dear vagina is confused about what it should do – to bleed or not to bleed. Acting like mini pads, panty-liners stick to your undies and are apt for light vaginal discharge. These come handy on those irritating days when you can neither take the risk of unexpected spot stains by not using your pad nor carry huge sanitary pads and feel discomfort throughout the day. They are short and slim to fit into panties or thongs at the beginning or end of your period when the flow is low.

For A ‘No Pad’ Feeling

Tampons are great when it comes to enjoying the ‘no pad’ feeling. It is a small absorbent kind of menstruation device which is inserted into the vagina to absorb any bleeding. Most women find it difficult to participate in water sports during periods, and this is where tampons act as a saviour. As tampon is set inside the vagina, it doesn’t get wet and allows women to enjoy their water sports and other activities without worrying about any mess whatsoever. Generally, a tampon comes in two different variants – regular and super, which you can choose as per your period flow and comfort. Almost all the major brands offer a wide range of products for your everyday hygiene. Interestingly, some of the tampons come with an easy-to-use applicator that is made of soft material and a rounded tip. The perfect shape lets the tampon smoothly glide into the correct position while offering a “No Pad” feeling.

Match the Medium Flow

Don’t think you are saving money by stocking up only one type of sanitary napkin. If your flow is neither heavy nor low, go with regular (or medium flow) napkins. Coming in both cotton and non-cotton variants, regular napkins work well on days when a panty-liner is too less, and an extra-large napkin is too big! Though regular pads can come in the same length as long panty liners; they are thicker to absorb more blood. They are available both in winged and non-winged types. Winged pads come with adhesive strips which can be wrapped around panties to prevent leakage and give extra confidence and comfort.

For Those Heavy Days

Those days when your princess Vagina follows a no-holds-barred lifestyle, go with heavy-flow sanitary napkins to curtail the hassles of changing pads every two hours. Since the extra-large pads are embedded with the absorption power of two pads, they come as a boon when you don’t have access to the washroom for a very long time. Most of the heavy flow pads come with adhesive wings in addition to the adhesive on the bottom of the liner for extra security.

Prep for All-Nighters

Don’t let periods affect your sound sleep. If the fear of staining your bed sheets or the annoying 2 a.m. change bother you, go with all-night sanitary pads which are designed in a way so that they don’t restrict your sleep movements. These overnight pads are thickest and longest to offer the maximum coverage than any other type of sanitary pad.

Your pink princess down there needs your attention, so, don’t restrict it to just one type of product throughout your period cycle. Just like you, she too deserves a variety in life!

Now that you know how to go with the “flow”, it’s time to read the three ‘Golden Rules Every Girl Should Abide By.’

  • Be attentive while choosing your menstruation product
  • Irrespective of which hygiene option you are choosing, wash your hands before and after adding or changing your product to avoid infection
  • To prevent rashes and bacterial infection, changing sanitary pads every three to four hours is advisable

Girls follow these rules wisely and have a happy and safe period!

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