Dark Lips? Here’s a Bag Full of Home Remedies

Dark Lips? Here’s a Bag Full of Home Remedies

Smile…It’s the Second-Best Thing to Do with Your Lips!

Our lips play an essential role in highlighting the overall look. However, certain lifestyle and health factors make them start looking dull and dark. So, if you have been juggling between questions like how to make lips pink naturally? How to get rid of black lips? How to lighten dark lips permanently? Or maybe how to get rid of black lips from smoking? You are at the right place. While searching the web for dark lips remedy, this jobless blogger came across many tips that work like magic. Trust me, my dark lips rolled back to the natural lip colour in a matter of weeks.

However, before jumping to dark lips remedies, here are a few reasons why lips turn black.

  • Smoking
  • Intake of caffeinated products
  • Skin disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Use of low-quality lip products
  • Allergic reactions

Now let’s quickly have a look at the remedies that are a sure shot answer to black lips.

Almond Oil

Trust me, the best dark lips remedy is almond oil. Application of almond oil on a daily basis can help you get rid of dark lips. You can even mix coconut oil for maximum results.

Dark lips remedy

Lemon Juice

Another effective dark lips remedy is lemon juice. The vitamin C present in lemon juice helps lightning the skin. You can mix lemon juice with sugar crystals for a gentle massage of the lips.

Dark lips remedy


The combination of milk and pomegranate seeds is a deadly dark lips remedy. Regular application will lighten dark lips and stop them from turning black.

Dark lips remedy


Yet another household item that proves to be amazing in treating black lips is sugar. Mix butter and granulated sugar to make a scrub and then use it to exfoliate your lips. You can even mix sugar with cold cream and use it to moisturise the lips.

Dark lips remedy

Rose Extract

Last on the list is rose extract. Mix honey with rose water and apply it on your lips and in a few weeks,  you will stop asking around how to lighten dark lips.

Dark lips remedy


No matter which of these remedies you go ahead with, be sure of giving it at least a month’s time to start showing results. In case you are looking for home remedies for chapped lips, you can click here!

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