Clever Ways to Use Your Old Toothbrush

Clever Ways to Use Your Old Toothbrush

Because Toothbrushes Don’t Last Forever!

STOP! Don’t throw away those old toothbrushes that are lying around the house unused since months. Think of all the fantastic things you can do by putting them to use. Yes, your old toothbrush has undoubtedly seen better days, but in the second inning how good of a tool it proves to be, makes it worth keeping around. I know this sounds a bit unbelievable but trust this jobless blogger and check out the wonders those tiny bristles can do.

Make Your Shower Head as Good as New

Those who have a hard water supply will agree how painful it is to keep the shower head functional for months. The deposits block the water flow and make it unusable. Drop the shower head in a container of vinegar and soak it for 40-50 minutes. Remove all the gunk away using your old toothbrush. Your shower head will become as good as new.

Old Toothbrush

Make Your Jewelry Shine Again

Rings, necklaces and chains with intricate details can be easily cleaned using an old toothbrush. A cup of warm water, gentle soap and an old toothbrush are all you need to scrub your jewellery clean.

Old Toothbrush

Give Your Hair Dryer a New Life

The filter of your hair dryer is often a victim of dust, dirt and trapped hair. Periodically, give the filter a good scrub using your old toothbrush.

Curly Hair

Clean that Dirty Bathroom Faucet

It is hard to reach the nooks and corners of a bathroom faucet using a scrub pad. This is when your old toothbrush will come to rescue. You will be surprised to see the gunk that was hiding in small spaces.

Old Toothbrush

Give Your Kitchen Tools a New Look

Kitchen tools are often left unattended. Daily wash makes us feel that they are good to use. The reality is somewhat different. Some germs and bacteria have found a home in your kitchen tools. From your garlic press to cheese grater, you can clean them all using your old toothbrush.

Old Toothbrush

Bid Goodbye to Crayon Marks on the Walls

Raise your hand if you have a kid in your house. Raise it again if there are crayon marks all over the walls. The combination of shaving cream and your old toothbrush will work like magic in removing crayon marks.

Old Toothbrush

Don’t Forget Your Laptop Keyboard

You might not know this, but your computer or laptop keyboard puts a host of harmful bacteria literally on your fingertips. It might come to you as a shocker, but the keyword has more bacteria than toilets seats. So, pick that old toothbrush to give your keyword a cleaning session. Evidence of your snack addiction and coffee love will be easily removed using an old toothbrush.

Old Toothbrush

Give Your Dirty Shoes a New Life

If you have tried washing your lovelies in a machine, you know what happens to their life. A better deal is to clean your shoes using a brush and detergent powder.

old toothbrush

So, the next time you are ready to retire your toothbrush, think again!

  1. I have small kids and my house walls are a victim of crayons. I am definitely trying the crayon one. MUCH LOVE

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