5 Of the Best Dressed CEOs From Around the World

5 Of the Best Dressed CEOs From Around the World

Their Intuition Was Their Favourite Superpower.

Being your own boss, living by your own schedule, and at the same time having enough money to live your life on your own terms, are dreams only realised by either monarchs or entrepreneurs. The time of monarchs may be gone, but the environment has never been better to aspire for entrepreneurship. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming entrepreneurship as something easy. Like the competition of monarchies, success only favours the brave and persistent in the struggle for entrepreneurial success.

Women have been competing shoulder to shoulder with men historically, and the domain of business is no different. However, one thing that differentiates a businesswoman from their male counterparts is their fashion sense.

Here we have listed 5 of the best dresses CEOs from around the world who are known for their business and fashion sense alike.

Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer, a graduate from Stanford and the key spokesperson for Google, is the former CEO and President of Yahoo! Known for poise and perfection, Marissa is often seen rocking A-line dresses clubbed with her gorgeous smile and confident approach. She understands that fashion is an art form and likes to experiment with vibrant colours that accentuate her aura well, while imparting an eloquent look. She is often seen taking the first row of most of the talked-about fashion shows.

Sara Blakely

The revolutionary move of starting her brand from her apartment came to her mind she couldn’t find a pantyhose that didn’t have seamed toes and didn’t roll up the leg after she cut them. Investing her life savings in something that no one would have ever thought of, Sara Blakely turned $5000 into a billion dollars business. Talking about her fashion sense, Sara has always been seen rocking an easy breezy look, and wearing dresses clubbed with heels and perfect hairstyle. Another thing that adds to her look is her choice of simple, sleek and elegant accessories.

Tory Burch

Having been won several awards for her designs, Tory Burch is a popular name in the world of fashion. Tory Burch initiated her fashion label in the year 2004 with a boutique nestled in the upcoming posh neighbourhood of Manhattan, and since then she has never looked back. With 68 stores worldwide, her brand is known for that signature medallion every piece carries. Her label won the “Accessories Designer of the Year” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. At media appearance, she has been seen carrying herself with elegance and has an elusive radiance that matches her aura well.

Namrata Bostrom

An MBA from the London School of Business, Namrata Bostrom with her fine business sense made POPxo India’s leading fashion and lifestyle digital platform. With a huge fan-following, this digital platform for youths is a result of the hard work of Namrata and all the employees.

Running an online digital platform that feeds the nation about style and fashion, she believes that her business speaks for her fashion sense more than anything else does. Namrata is someone who understands the knick-knacks of fashion well and has a style of her own.

Richa Kar

Former Zivame CEO, Richa Kar has made buying lingerie a cakewalk for the Indian females. All her hard work has made Zivame the most popular platform to shop for lingerie. Talking about her style, Kar likes to keep it simple when it comes to making a public appearance. Mostly seen in formals, Richa Kar carries all her looks with confidence and a bright smile on her face.


These ladies have proved the world that nothing is unachievable if you dream big and follow the right path. Not only they are great at what they are offering to the world with their businesses but are also leaving a mark on the fashion industry with their style sense.


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