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Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa with These Tiny Changes

Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa with These Tiny Changes

Good Vibes! Good Vibes! Good Vibes!

If you live in a match-box sized house like I do, welcome to the tribe! Well, it’s not our fault, right?. Finding a huge apartment in metro cities is next to impossible. And even if we find one, it doesn’t fall under our budget bracket. However, finding calm and peace in a small space is not as impossible as it seems. So, don’t let that tiny bathroom make you feel any less. Let your creative juices flow to give your bathroom décor the much-needed life and a look and feel like a spa.

The suggestions below will easily fall under everyone’s budget while completely transforming the bathroom décor into something that’s heavenly and full of good vibes.

Make Some Space for Plants

Changing the tiles and wall colour is not an option when you are living in a rented house; but, cool additions like plants is definitely a possibility. If your bathroom has a window, you can place a few plants to create the perfect Zen environment. For those who don’t have a window, you can use the space around the sink to place a few plants. Make sure the plants are not obstructing the bathroom fittings.

Bathroom Décor

A Separate Jar for All Essentials

To best way to make your bathroom décor look all clutter-free is by storing everyday essentials in jars and boxes. If your bathroom is always flooded with things, it will never make you feel relaxed. Opt for glass jars to store items as they look classy and elegant when compared to those tacky plastic jars. Also, they are one of the best bathroom accessories to give your space a spa-like a feel.

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Did I Mention Dim Lighting?

One of the most beautiful ways to give your bathroom a spa-like feel is by replacing those bright bulbs with the dim ones. Trust me, all you would need is a glass of wine, dim lighting and hot shower to unwind after a long day. With dim lighting, your bathroom interior will level up to several notches.

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Some Candles

In one of my posts on bedroom essentials, I asked you guys to remove those unused aroma candles from the bedroom. Now is the time to put those aromatic lovelies to use. Scents not only help in keeping your mind calm and relaxed but also enhance your sensual experience. Whether you go for lavender or lemongrass, you are bound to feel comfortable.

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Separate the Bathing Area

All you need is a shower curtain that matches the bathroom décor, and you are good to go. If you are not too sure about hanging a permanent curtain rod, curtain spring will get the job done with perfection.

Bathroom Décor

Make these changes and you will fall in love with your bathroom décor.

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