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This Christmas, Ditch Red & Love Blue!

This Christmas, Ditch Red & Love Blue!

Because There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Blue

You already know the drill when it comes to Christmas decor and decking up your home for a party. But, have you ever thought of channelling your vacation spirit to the creative side? While hosting a party and planning games require minimal efforts, perking up the home every year in a brand-new way can be both sour and sweet.

Now that Christmas is only a few weeks away, it’s time that you start thinking about the décor and theme. Especially, the theme. This year, we’d suggest you instigate the festive fervour in a different shade and try blue as the theme for your Christmas décor. The colour exudes a calm and relaxed vibe that matches perfectly with the snowy season.

So, perk up your home with blue — both indoors and out — with this definitive list of easy-to-create Christmas décor ideas. Let the festivities begin!

Santa Goes Blue

What’s Christmas without Santa, right? While Santa looks cool in red, a minor wardrobe upgrade won’t cause much harm. This year dress your Santa in blue and white for a definite merry and bright look.

Christmas decor

‘Blue’tiful Christmas Tree

Christmas tree makes for the significant part of the décor. Make your tree a part of the theme by hanging miniature gifts and other ornaments in blue. For a snowy finish, satin ribbons and festive lights in blue will do the magic.

Christmas decor

The Bluer the Better

This might call for some extra efforts, but in the end, it will be all be worth the hard work. Minor tweaks like changing the cushion colour to blue will seal the deal. Alternatively, a corner in the living room with gifts scattered around the blue Christmas tree will also create the snowy vibe. Keep the backdrop white to help the colour exude a calm vibe while highlighting the décor elements. For added appeal, you can also change the curtains to blue, so the décor stands out like a winner.

Christmas decor

Winter Wonderland Gifts

Get creative with patterns and wrap all the gifts in blue and white for a fresh, festive feel and added charm. Label each and place them all around the Christmas tree to make the gifts a part of the décor. Pops of silver, pink or magenta can also be used for an added festive spirit.

Christmas decor

A Festive Dining Space

While blue tree and Santa can actually contribute to the theme taking over your space, dressing your dinner table with hues of blue is a great way to make it the focal point of the room. A table spread in blue with matching crockeries will set the space in the right light.

Christmas decor

Let’s Have a Blue Christmas Pool Party

A Christmas party besides the pool? Of course, your answer is yes! Well, it might seem challenging in the beginning, the result will make you pat yourself on the back. From lighting the pool with blue LED floating lights to serving snacks and candies with a water theme; arrange everything keeping the theme in mind. Colour coded camping chairs around the pool with blankets and bonfire will add to the cosy festive vibe. Alternatively, if you have a covered and a temperature controlled pool, make full use of it by arranging traditional pool games. The catch is to treat your family and friends with something unexpected and never thought off.

Christmas decor

Deck Up the Garden

A decked-up garden with blue and white balloons will give your guests extra space to enjoy the festivities. Furthermore, you can also add a few seating options with cosy and comfy blankets for your guests to relish a hot cup of cocoa while enjoying the chill of the season.

Christmas decor

Blue Invitations

Last but not the least, add some zing and creativity to the invites as well. Formal invites are a passé, yours should be expressive enough to match the theme of your Christmas décor. You can even try making them all by yourself for a personalized touch. And yes, don’t forget to mention the dress code.

Christmas decor

A hint of blue here and there will let you ditch the usual red and white to give your space a unified feel. Remember, sometimes not sticking to the usual can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Merry Christmas!

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