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Infuse a Blast of Colour to Rooms with White Walls

Infuse a Blast of Colour to Rooms with White Walls

Rooms with White Walls are Fun to Experiment with!

If you live in a rented house with a ‘no paint’ rule, you know how dull the house looks with plain white walls. Well, we don’t have a choice to change the paint colour, but we do have an option to be creative. So, here are some simple yet aesthetically pleasing home décor ideas that will instantly bring life to rooms with white walls. Some of these are so appealing that when you move to your own house, you might actually want to keep a few walls in white.

Popping Furniture

Nothing can work wonders than a bright piece of furniture placed against a white wall. If you have been postponing the plans of changing your sofa’s upholstery, the time is here. Opt for any of the bright colours and see how your home interior design transforms from drab to fab.

Rooms with White Walls

Expressive Artwork

A few pieces of artwork can add the much-need life to rooms with white walls. Be sure of picking artwork that matches your personality and rest of the décor.

Rooms with White Walls

Some Greenery

One of the most elegant ways to infuse life into rooms with white walls is by placing a few plants. They not only infuse a feel-good factor but also clean the air inside the house.

Rooms with White Walls

Bold Curtains

Say goodbye to those boring curtains and bring home a few in bold and solid colours. The stark contrast that they create will be worth the effort.

Rooms with White Walls

The Much-Needed Touch of Quirk

Quirky things never go out of fashion. Keep a watch on online sales and bring home a few quirky elements to give your home décor a touch of life.

Rooms with White Walls

An Artistic Corner

An artistic space like the one shown below will create a lasting impression on your guests. You can keep changing the arrangement according to the festivities.

Rooms with White Walls

A Gorgeously Patterned Rug or Carpet

Last but not the least, place a gorgeously patterned rug at the centre of the room and make it act like a focal point. When you combine all the above elements, the result will be something like the image below.

Rooms with White Walls

So, now you don’t need to worry about the boring white walls. Add these elements and you will for sure fall in love with your space.

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