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How to Manage Surplus Inherited Items!

How to Manage Surplus Inherited Items!

Collect things that you love for your house and it becomes your story.

Have you encountered a situation where your maternal uncle, who had spent most of his life in the Tea Estates, decided to move to Canada and you suddenly inherited a large collection of his antiques which he had collected over a period of few decades? And by the time you got every piece of antique in, your apartment had already started to look like a warehouse? Read down to know that what all can you do with everything that you inherited from your uncle.

Use Your Decision-Making Power

From all the inherited items, decide what all items interest you, or remind you of the person who gave them to you. If the inherited item is something like a few boxes of books, keep a few and give away the rest to the one in your group who loves reading. Chances are that you would love everything you got, but space crunch is not allowing you to keep them all. If such is the case, give some of the items to a very close friend whom you visit often. This way you can have a glimpse of them whenever you want.

Modification Works

Let’s say you have all the space required to keep every item you have inherited, but the style doesn’t go very well with your décor. Don’t be afraid, bring out your creative side and update the items with a new upholstery or paint job. I suggest you not to tamper with antique items, keep them as they were intended to be.

Be Generous, Donate Some

Those books may not have space to be kept in your house, but there’s someone who would love to have a few or all of them. Donating some would keep you away from the guilt that the books or items are sitting unused and collecting dust.

If You Wish, Sell Some

Nowadays, selling an item has become a lot easier. Many online websites let you showcase your used stuff and sell them online. Don’t be guilty, the stuff now belongs to you, you can sell it or donate it, it’s now your choice. If you feel that the item that you have inherited is of no use to you and has some monetary value, go ahead and sell it.

Keep It for Later

If you are planning to shift to a bigger place and think that the inherited stuff will be of use, keep all of it safe for later. Be sure of packing the old stuff safely as we don’t want you to damage any of it. Decide an area that has less footfall to keep all the items away from accidental damage.

Whatever you decide to do with all that you have inherited, be sure of not feeling guilty. Whether you’ve inherited a single bulky piece of furniture or a large collection of items, it’s completely cool to let them go if you don’t want them.

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