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Happiness Boosting Indoor Plants, Flowers and Herbs for Your Abode

Happiness Boosting Indoor Plants, Flowers and Herbs for Your Abode

Indoor Plants for the Feel-Good Factor!

We often try and find happiness in little things around. However, during this search, we tend to forget indoor plants. You might not know this, but various plants, flowers and herbs come with happiness boosting properties. In simple words, if you have them home, God of joy will stay forever with you.

These lovely indoor plants will not just be a perfect addition to clear your mind but will also make the air around you more breathable. Ready to bring home a few of these potted beauties for a joyous life?


Much like the taste of food, basil also helps in uplifting the mood. You can blame the compound linalool present in basil that contributes to the scent and creates a positive effect on the mood.

indoor plants

English Ivy

Easy to take care of, English Ivy is that plant which helps in purifying the air around. Anything that can make it easier to breathe should always be a part of your home.

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Though the oh-so-lovely look of geraniums is enough to make you feel good, the mild scent of these outdoor cum indoor plants promotes peace of mind.

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From scented candles to potpourri, lavender is found everywhere. The scent effectively eases the anxious mind and inculcates a feel-good factor to the mind.

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Boston Fern

Apart from providing peace of mind, the Boston Fern also has air cleaning capabilities just like English Ivy. You will be dazed to know that Boston Fern is one of those indoor plants that can clean thousands of toxins per hour.

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Not just the smell but even a look at roses offers a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Journal of Physiological Anthropology states that roses impart a relaxing effect on humans.

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Peace Lily

What better than having an organic air purifier in the home? Peace Lily removes mould from the air and makes it healthy for the housemates.

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If you wish to increase positive energy in the house, orchids are an answer. They bloom year-round and make even the gloomiest days happy.

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The enchanting aroma that the needles of rosemary impart are responsible for the mood-enhancing property of this lovely indoor plant.

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Ready to bring all these indoor plants home?

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