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Creative Ways to Make Chalkboard Paint a Part of Home Décor

Creative Ways to Make Chalkboard Paint a Part of Home Décor

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How about creating modern wall art using chalkboard paint? It will serve as an accent wall while enhancing the room décor. The best part is when used cleverly, chalkboard paint can lend your home décor a totally grown up and chic look. So, if you have still not tried the magic of chalkboard paint in your home, here are some home décor ideas that you can accomplish using black chalkboard paint.

Trust me, after going through the pictures you won’t be able to thank The Jobless Blogger enough for these picture-perfect suggestions of home décor ideas.

Living Room

This living room dominated with white and grey looks exceptionally gorgeous. Small elements in orange are serving as the perfect addition to the décor. Chalkboard home décor can be easily incorporated provided you use other elements carefully.

chalkboard home décor


Your kitchen is the perfect place to infuse a chalkboard wall. From highlighting the daily menu to writing down the shopping list, you can do it all.

chalkboard home décor


Chalkboard wall will serve as the perfect accent wall in the bedroom. The designs can be easily changed according to the mood and stage of life. This wall will become one of the best places to unwind after a long day.

chalkboard home décor

Kids Room

While growing up, most kids have a habit of scribbling on the walls all around the house. How about giving them a permanent place to scribble without having a fear of being scolded?

chalkboard home décor

Study Room

Do you have a work from home job? If yes, adding a chalkboard wall in the study room cum home office will be a wise idea. You can easily make a to-do-list and accomplish all the tasks without forgetting any.

chalkboard home décor

Aren’t these chalkboard home décor ideas pleasing to the eyes?

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