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Book Lover? You Will Love These Décor Ideas

Book Lover? You Will Love These Décor Ideas

So many books, so little time!

Book lovers are everywhere, and interestingly, it’s not hard to sight one. The moment you step into their house, there will be books all around. From a pile on the nightstand to sky-high stacks on the floor, there will be books at EVERY.SINGLE.PLACE. So, if you are one of the notorious hoarders, it’s time to celebrate your literary passion with these book-inspired décor ideas. Home decor for book lovers is easy to accomplish. So, however you do it, you are sure to attract eyes and compliments for the creativity-infused showcase of your literary treasure.

Floor to Ceiling – Because Why Not?

Isn’t it dreamy? This might cost a little extra, but the end result will be stunning.

Floor to Ceiling – Because why not?

Floating Bookshelf

I have tried this one, and trust me, this looks outstandingly amazing. Make sure you don’t clutter the space with any other furniture or furnishing item to help it stand out.

Floating Bookshelf

Wear the Carpenter’s Hat

If you have kids or a dedicated space for reading sessions, this bookshelf will make for a great addition.

Wear the Carpenter’s Hat

The Hogwarts Style

Harry Potter fans are every where. Out of all the home decor for book lovers ideas, this one is my personal favourite.

invisible shelf


Craft Out an Industrial Look

If you happen to have that kind of wall in your home, wait no more and try this decor idea. I have seen many ideas of home decor for book lovers, but this beats all of them.

Industrial Look

Alternative Christmas Tree

Though Christmas is far from now; but, what’s the harm in trying this gorgeous decor today? Am I right or am I right? This decor idea works well for those living far away from home in a dorm room.

Christmas tree bookshelf

Your Lucky Number

Lucky number or the number of your birth date will make for a great addition. Your home decor game will gain popularity while your books will have a brand new place to rest.

Quirky Bookshelf

Don’t Leave the Staircase

The space below the staircase is just perfect to craft out a bookshelf. If you have one, don’t waist it by hiding items that are of no use anymore.

Staircase Bookshelf

A Reading Nook

Imagine a rainy day and this space by your side. Looks perfect, doesn’t it? So, if you have some place, creating a reading nook out of it.

Reading Nook

Don’t Forget the Headboard

home decor for book lovers

If you also have some funky ideas, comment below! 😊

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