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8 Easy to Maintain and Beautiful Indoor Plants

8 Easy to Maintain and Beautiful Indoor Plants

Use Plants to Bring Life. – Douglas Wilson

The benefits of making indoor plants a part of the décor are innumerable. Not only do they clean and purify the air but also lift the mood of your space while adding the required touch of nature to the home. While it is easy for plant lovers to give indoor plants the necessary care, others find it difficult to maintain them.

So, here are eight easy to maintain and beautiful indoor plants that will give your décor a fresh touch while enhancing the feel-good factor.

 Aloe Vera

Aloe only needs a warm place to rest, little water and plenty of light to flourish. Plus, aloe vera is good for health in many ways.

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Another indoor plant that is easy to maintain is Lavender. Find out a sunny spot to place the plant, water it frequently and let the colour work in favour of your décor.

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Mother in Law’s Tongue (Snake Plant)

As interesting as its name, snake plant flourishes well in dry air and low light while exuding a robust and stylish look.

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Spider Plant

Spider plant is one of the most famous indoor plants that can easily propagate in soil or water. Whether you hang them or place them in your balcony, the choice is yours.

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Peace Lily

Termed as one of the most beautiful indoor plants, peace lily comes in three colour variants – purple, white and pink. Moist soil, low light and moderate temperature are all this indoor plant needs to grow.

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Strong, varied and adaptable, cacti are adaptable and speak volumes about your love for plants. Water them rarely to see them flourish.

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Perfect for darker areas of the house, Pothos requires little or no care, thrives in low light and comes in many colours.

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Great as standalone feature plants and terrariums, succulents are versatile and lovely and call for no extra attention. These plants, when kept in your bedroom, add more value to it.

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Ready to bring these indoor plants home?

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