Ride in Style: Leather Jackets for the Biking Enthusiasts

Ride in Style: Leather Jackets for the Biking Enthusiasts

Friday Night: Me, You & My Leather Jacket

Whether you are a beginner, a hardcore rider or an occasional biking enthusiast, you need a leather jacket that stays with you during all your bike rides, like a soulmate. Leather jackets have evolved drastically over the years. From featuring a basic finish to stylish rivets and stitching detail, they have seen it all. Not only does a leather jacket looks good with every outfit in your wardrobe but also gets better year after year (only if you take good care of it). Here, I have narrowed down a list of 5 basic types of leather jackets for men and women that are both high on style and easy on the pocket.

The Evergreen ‘Classic’ Leather Jacket

The classic leather jacket usually has a slim fit, basic construction, cut for a motorcycle racer and a neat finish. This design features either a mock or a spread collar. Classic leather jackets give you a classic urban rider look and are surely a must-have. Treat your wardrobe with a classic leather jacket and stay prepared to win some serious style points while gilding your way through the hills on two wheels.

A good leather jacket is nothing less than an investment. So, before you make a purchase decision, make sure you do a thorough research of the market.

leather jackets for men

The Rock n Roll Version

If you prefer Johnny Ramone over James Bond, this style is surely what you need. The rocker version usually features quilted detail on the shoulder or the sleeves, zippered pockets or mock zips and big lapels. These are generally well perforated to offer great ventilation. All these features added make them a great combination of style and comfort.

leather jackets for men

A Twist of Colour

Who says leather jackets can only be black? If you are a someone who loves experimenting, consider buying one in brown or some other classy colour. I am sure, you are gonna love this ‘some other colour’ biker jacket of yours.

leather jackets for men

The Mixed Breed

This mix of leather and fabric for those don’t want to don an all leather jacket. No matter how stylish they look, they are functional as well. The zips and pockets can be easily accessed even while wearing tough riding gloves. That’s the beauty of a fabric + leather jacket. In addition, these are lighter and easier to pack than other leather jackets. Ideal for crisp autumn evenings, this mixed breed would become your instant favourite.

leather jackets for men

The Easy on the Pocket Alternative

Faux leather jackets are stylish, have a great fit (not that other styles don’t fit well), last decently well and are super easy on the pocket. These are super stylish, tough (well, almost) and a must-have. So, if you are on a budget, buy a faux leather jacket and get the biker look without the loans. Easy Peasy!

leather jackets for men

No matter which style you choose, keep your jacket healthy for a long time by offering plenty of care and protection. And, whenever you plan your next adventure, take this jobless blogger along!

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