Men’s Accessories That Guarantee a Dapper Look

Men’s Accessories That Guarantee a Dapper Look

Fashions fade, style is eternal.– Yves Saint Laurent

Royal outfits exude an aura of panache and flamboyance, and that’s why they should always look on point. Accessories are mostly overlooked or forgotten, and most people don’t know that the right ones can lift your whole look. Since men’s accessories add detail and polish to a formal and casual look, investing in them becomes quite essential. Keeping this in mind, here’s a list of men’s accessories that help in completing any look impeccably.


Donning a pocket square means that you’re a man who cares about even the minutest details. The idea of wearing a pocket square is to make you stand out in a room full of other men wearing tuxedos, Indo-western suits or bandh-galas. Dressed in a pocket-square gives you a way of expressing your personality through your choice of accessorising. However, picking up an elegant and artsy pocket square can be quite a task. To attain a refined and sharp look, you should opt for pocket squares with solid colours. You can also be inventive with various folds. Pick custom prints and themes to add luxury and a touch of novelty to your outfit. A pocket-square in one of those men’s accessories that never fail to leave an impression.

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Cufflinks vary in shape, design, closure, material, and colour. They are crafted from a variety of materials like crystals, precious stones or semi-precious stones. Cufflinks not only give your look a classy finish but also add the oomph factor to your entire ensemble. It’s a major style statement which can effortlessly add an element of bling to any dull outfit. You can find a broad range of men’s designer cufflinks available at various designer labels. Make your appearance look regal by donning a pair of engraved silver or gold cufflinks together with a wedding or formal outfit.

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A high-quality leather belt is one accessory that leaves a lasting impression. Chocolate brown and black are the top colours that can effortlessly infuse sophistication. Not only these colours match well with all your attires, but they also help you master a perfect look that reflects magnificence. The perfect belt should match your shoes in colour and in the type of leather, if possible. The shinier the belt, the better it looks with impressive clothing. To get that quintessentially sophisticated appearance, keep the buckle polished and minimalist. Even if you dress up modestly, a leather belt can make your outfit look pretty striking.

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It’s believed that a man’s wrist is naked without a watch. Watches come in all kinds of unique styles, but you should make sure that the only thing a watch should match is your personality. Wristwatches are imperative with anything you wear; however, a good watch sets you apart from the rest of the crowd by giving you a fashionable edge over others. It’s better having one sophisticated watch than several grungy timepieces. It’s disappointing when a man’s royal and modern attire is sabotaged by a shoddy watch.

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Scarves and Stoles

Channel your inner royalty by accentuating the look with a scarf or stole. Any of these companions will effortlessly add the right amount of ethnicity to give you a traditional and classic touch. Stoles and scarves in contrasting colours can instantly brighten up your kurta, sherwani, or Bandhgala. Furthermore, it is also important to select the right designs that match your outfit. From checks to prints and stripes; various designs and patterns can make your ensemble look magnificent. The stylish and sexy take on the age-old trend will make sure you nail the stately look with perfection.

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Men’s accessories, when picked well can instantly add to the look while keeping the overall appearance on point. Other things which give you a royal look is by being confident and staying up to date with all the modern fashion trends and fads. Furthermore, these grooming kit essentials will help achieve the perfect look.

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