5 Gifts for That Friend Who Can’t Get Enough of Quirky Things

5 Gifts for That Friend Who Can’t Get Enough of Quirky Things

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We all have that one person in life who has a collection of all kinds of quirky stuff. Be it a pair of pop print canvas sneakers or a cupboard full of quirky T-shirts, this friend of ours has it all. Moreover, this particular friend always keeps an eye on the latest fashion and décor game (quirky, of course) and brings home everything that has a hint of quirk to it. The cushions have a popsy theme, the fridge wall has no space for a new magnet, and their entire life looks as if it is straight out of a comic book.

Now apparently, gifting someone who already has ransacked all the stores is a pain. Considering how jobless I am, here are five things that are sure to secure your ‘Favourite Friend’ status. Want anything more?

Mismatched Socks

The formal dress code at work might be making your friend hide their love for quirk, but here is a solution. A pair of mismatched socks won’t be explicitly visible to the world, but while hiding inside the trousers they will do their job of making your friend feel good.

Funny Beanie

If your friend is a beanie person, Mera shat shat naman. You can gift a funky beanie so that winter battles and quirk love go hand in hand. The best part is that if you are a knitting enthusiast you can make one by yourself.

Retro Telephone Handset

This one is a winner already! This retro receiver allows conversations to go old-school. This handset works well with almost all smartphones and can be easily bought online from popular stores like Amazon. Click here to buy this amazing gift for your quirk lover friend.

Retro Telephone Handset

Pop Art Posters

Well, this one is my personal favourites. If you like the idea, you can’t buy a few extra posters, and send some to me (wink, wink!). Pop art posters can make any wall stand out while infusing energy into space.

Pop Posters


A pair of round oversized sunglasses for a beach vacay – is there any better gift than this? Get this for your friend and see them channel their quirk vibes like a boss. Sunglasses plus a few quirky T-shirts will make a great gift hamper.


Retro Music System

Last on the list is one of the most amazing gift options for a friend who loves stocking up on quirky things – a retro music system. You can easily buy this online and I am pretty sure that it will become your friend’s companion in all short tips and laidback evening sessions. Trust me, Saregama Carvaan is one of the best gifts on this list.

Go, shop these things already!

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