Unconventional Career Options and Why You Should Choose One!

Unconventional Career Options and Why You Should Choose One!

Are you too creative to have a 9-5 job?

Has the idea of living an unconventional life always enticed you? Do you label yourself as someone who is not fit for a 9-5 job? Then you are at the right place. Time is changing fast and the career options available today are far more enticing than routine professions. The acceptance of unconventional career options has reached a new bar in the 21st century. Gone are those days when one could only think of becoming an engineer or a doctor. The career options available today are alluring enough for the young generation to take a leap and do what they believe they are made for.

Without much ado, listed below are some of the alternative career options that will surely tickle your passion and make you want to join them.

Fashion Designer

It’s easy to visualise something, but to express it on paper is rather tough. If you have a knack for envisioning and creating something new and something out of the box, then think about being a Fashion Designer. With the advent of the fashion industry and ever-changing trends, fashion has become an important part of our daily life. From everyday shirts to dresses, everything that you wear is someone’s creation.

Initially, Fashion designing and its various branches were considered a career option only for girls. However, today people of the opposite gender are also taking an interest in this field. Renowned names like Rohit Bal and Manish Malhotra are the finest examples of this career choice getting popular among males. So, if you also have a knack for creativity, go ahead and get yourself enrolled in any of the top institutes like to give your career the right path.

Celebrity Manager

Celebrities including actors, singers, athletes, etc. need someone who can effectively manage their schedule without hampering any commitments. Strong PR and management skills are required to be a successful celebrity manager. Also, strong decision-making skills are added qualities that a celebrity manager should possess. As a celebrity manager, one can work closely with movie stars, sportspersons while earning significantly well.


Those days are literally gone when the love for the camera was only considered just as a hobby. Today, being behind the lens has become one of the most lucrative career options with innumerable job opportunities. As a cinematographer, one has a chance to travel across the world while getting decently paid. To become a professional cinematographer, one needs to undergo a formal training in order to understand the knicks and knacks of the art.

Fitness Expert

The idea of fitness is changing fast. The job of a fitness expert is especially for people who don’t mind working out all day long and fancy about being fit all the time. To be a fitness trainer, one has get formally trained in the field of strength training, Anatomy, Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. Apart from formal training, a fitness expert should also be keen to learn the new trends and updates of the field while being great at communicating. So, if you think fitness is something that ignites the spark in you, go ahead and make it your profession.

Wedding Planner

There was a time when all the wedding functions were planned and organised by the members of the family. However, today, weddings have taken a lavish turn, and the trend of hiring a wedding planner is significantly setting its foot in India. To be a wedding planner, one needs to have a creative mind that keeps buzzing with fresh ideas to give every wedding a new look. A diploma or degree in event management will help to hone the required skills and starting out a career in this field.

Other than these 5 unconventional career options, there are many others that are promising and keep one away from the boring 9-5 job while paying well. So, if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work even a single day. Choose the career that ignites the zing in you every day to become successful in life.

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