Common Pronunciation Mistakes We All Make

Common Pronunciation Mistakes We All Make

English is the easiest language to speak badly.

Communication has a major impact on today’s civilisation, which is a product of ‘Industrial Revolution’ and ‘Internet Revolution’…‘The Corporate World’! Today, every country is like a large corporate, running to achieve greater revenue. And in this race, English has been able to establish itself as ‘The Global Business Language’, making it one of the most important languages on earth.

One of the greatest challenges of speaking in English is its pronunciation of words. English is a Non-phonetic language, which means it’s a language where the sounds decide the pronunciation and not the letters of the word. Thus, making it extremely difficult to get the pronunciation of the word right, even if you have the word written right in front of you. To add to our misery and dismay, there is another factor that influences our English pronunciation – ‘MTI or FLI’! (Mother Tongue Influence or First Language Influence). MTI/FLI distort or change the sounds that we use while speaking in English.

Some parts of the world, it is common to hear people pronounce Correct as Crrect (even sound like Cracked). There are other mother tongue influences like shortening of vowel sounds, which can make a heavenly experience (“Sleep in heavenly peace”) sound like an absolute disaster (“Slip in heavenly piss”).

Here is a rundown of some of the standard pronunciation mistakes we all make. Take a look!


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