Quirky Yet Straightforward DIY Projects for the Forgetful Ones

Quirky Yet Straightforward DIY Projects for the Forgetful Ones

Not sure if you have free time or you are forgetting something?

Do you distinctly remember what Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Oscars? Can you name every winner of MasterChef since it started? Do you have the dialogues of your favourite flick on your fingertips? But, when it comes to recollecting where you kept the lip balm, car keys or maybe the wallet, your brain starts acting against you? Weird, isn’t it?

Well, that’s why these DIY projects are absolutely perfect for you. These are not only helpful and extraordinarily functional but will make for a fantastic addition to your home as well. So, without much ado, let’s get started with creating some interesting DIY projects.

A Cool Reminder Doormat

From reminding you to turn off the straightener to carrying the key, phone and wallet, a doormat with a reminder will do it all for you. Not to mention, it will be a valuable addition to your décor as well. Just identify those things that you tend to forget the most and paint it on the doormat. Not only one, but you can create as many doormats as you want. Try this, and we are sure you will never forget carrying your essentials again!

Doormat Reminder

A Chalkboard Wall

Next on the list is the coolest addition to both your home and the forgetful nature. A chalkboard wall in any of the most visited areas of the house will get the job done with ease. Jot down everything that you need to remember, and the chalkboard wall will do the rest. Yes, it’s that simple!

A To-Do List

Maybe you are not a to-do-list maniac, but trust us, this one will work like nothing else. Whether you want to prepare your to-do-list on a piece of paper or the chalkboard wall, the choice is yours. Just be sure to check it once before stepping out of the house.

To-Do List

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are the smaller version of a to-do-list but work like magic in making you remember things. From your bathroom to the kitchen, keep stickies everywhere for a constant reminder of things that need to be accomplished in a day.

Colour-Coded Keychains

When all the keys look same, it’s quite normal to grab the wrong ones when in a hurry. This implies to all, not just the forgetful ones. A simple solution is to colour-code each key, and there will never be a day when the keys get interchanged. Buy a pack of fabric paint and colour each in a different colour. Alternatively, you can even buy different keychains to avoid confusion.

So, try these DIY projects today!

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