Put Those Old CDs and DVDs To Use with These DIY Projects

Put Those Old CDs and DVDs To Use with These DIY Projects

DIY Projects – A Contagious Passion!

DVDs and CDs have become a thing of the past. However, I am sure you still must be having a drawer full of these circular and shiny beauties, right? So, if you still don’t have a future for them in mind, let this jobless blogger help you. Here is a wonderful guide to some DIY projects that you can easily achieve using those CDs and DVDs that will soon become a part of history. I am sure these DIY projects will sort your upcoming weekend.

Faux Aquarium Wall

If you are having a hard decorating your child’s room, this DIY home décor idea will be a great addition in your little one’s room. Craft out a few fishes using CDs like how it’s shown in the image below and use double tape to paste them on the wall. Use glossy paper to make other aquarium essentials like corals and more.

DIY projects

Sunny Side Up

This is yet another DIY home décor idea that will find a place in your little one’s room. Craft out a sun like the one in the image below and paste it on the wall behind the bed using a double tape. You can even ask your teen to be a part of this DIY project.

DIY projects

Mosaic Table

This is one of those DIY projects which is perfect for your balcony or patio. Break the CDs and DVDs into pieces (if possible, equal ones) and paste them evenly (using a glue gun) on the face of the table. Let dry, and then place wherever you want. Keep the labelled part of the CD on the visible side on the table to create an attractive look. An addition like this will enhance your balcony décor to several notches.

DIY projects

CD or DVD Clocks

One of the most amazing DIY projects using CDs or DVDs is a clock. Things that you will need for this project are a permanent marker, AA batteries, and an old clock gear. Take inspiration from the image below and give all those unused circular beauties a reason to live.

DIY projects

CD Owl Craft

This DIY project will look good in your living room as well as the balcony. Easy to make and super easy to hang, this DIY project will increase the aesthetics of any space.

DIY Projects

Apart from these DIY projects, there are many others like coasters, disco ball and wall hanging that you can quickly make out of CDs and DVDs. Try these and don’t forget to share this project with your friends and family.


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