DIY: Shiny & Glittery Wine Glasses

DIY: Shiny & Glittery Wine Glasses

Time to Do it Yourself!

No party is complete without some sort of glassware (and some alcohol as well)! If your glasses, in particular, wine glasses are not as festive as they should be, this DIY project will give them the right spirit. This simple and quick project using a few inexpensive supplies will help you turn your simple wine glasses all glittery and shiny without much effort. So, let’s get going!

Things You Would Need

  • A set of wine glasses
  • Acrylic spray
  • Glitter
  • Glue

Step 1

Before doing anything on the wine glasses, wash them thoroughly and wipe off extra water using a clean and soft cotton cloth.

Step 2

After washing and wiping the glasses keep them aside (at a neat spot) and let them dry. Make sure they are scorched before you start putting glue on them. Whether you want to hang them for a quick dry or on the top of your fridge (away from your pet’s territory), the choice is yours!

Step 3

Grab your wine glass and apply glue on the stem. Sprinkle glitter until the stem is fully covered. Set it aside to dry once you are happy with the amount of glitter on the stem. If required, don’t forget to touch up with another coat of glitter.


Step 4

If you want your brand-new wine glasses to be wash-friendly, store them at a safe place for around a month. Alternatively, if you’re going to use your brand-new creation on the very next day, don’t put them in the sink to soak. Doing this, you will increase the life of your glittery wine glasses.

Step 5

Trust us, this is best of all the steps mentioned above. Now that you are done pouring in all your creativity, it’s time to pour some wine and relax.

These shiny and glittery wine glasses make for the perfect gift for any occasion. You can choose the colour of the stem according to the event or the holiday you are preparing the wine glasses for. However, remember to keep it simple.


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