Decorate Your Dorm Room with These Dirt-Cheap DIY Projects

Decorate Your Dorm Room with These Dirt-Cheap DIY Projects

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Don’t let small quarters shatter the décor enthusiast in you. Turn your dorm room into a style haven with these fresh DIY projects. Trust us; these small additions will infuse the much-needed life to an otherwise boring dorm room. So, whether you have just started getting friendly with the room in your first year or are about to bid it goodbye the next year, these DIY projects are sure to lighten up its ambience. Take a look!

Washi Wallpaper

Famous for their boring walls, dorm rooms can be given a splash of colours and creativity by merely using washi tape. The tape is easy to remove and works perfectly well for places like dorm rooms where permanent changes are often not allowed. So, whether you want a zig-zag pattern or wish to make something unusual out of the washi tape, the choice is yours.

Clothespin Picture Display

Pictures are the best form of memories. Give your dorm room a personal touch by hanging photos on the wall using rope and clothespin. You can even add a string of festival lights to make it glow at night.

Quirky Earring Holder

Having a hard time keeping all your drop earrings in one place? This simple hack would save you a good time when getting ready for an early morning lecture. You can even hang it from the ceiling using a rope. All you would need is a cheese grater and spray paint for this fantastic DIY project.

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Chalkboard Table

From taking down phone numbers, jotting down your creative whims to writing poems on a rainy day, a chalkboard table would become your best friend in no time. All you need is chalkboard paint, a box of chalk and a paintbrush and your doodle station would be ready to use in a day.

Brick Bookends

We are all broke during the college days and buying bookends is nothing less than a luxury. All you would need to do is to sneak a few bricks from the construction site in your college (every college has one) and get a box of poster paints or a can of spray paint.


Curtain Rod Cloth Hanger

Give your clothes a cool space to live in by hanging them on that empty hanger rod in your room. Use hangers to hang them as you see in stores of big brands. If you don’t have a bare hanger rod, you can easily make one by taking inspiration from the image below.

DIY Light Ladder

Creating this rustic ladder is simple. A thrift shop ladder and colourful string of lights are all you need to add a chic twist to your otherwise dull room in a matter of minutes.

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